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Roberta Mariani (1972) is a Rome-based visual artist who trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome and that of Granada. After studying painting, set design, and printmaking techniques, she worked for several years as an art conservator and pictorial decorator. These jobs allowed her to rework the chromatic universe of past masters, especially from the 14th and 15th centuries, and to put her findings to daily use in her artistic practice. 

Her research is based on impermanence and phenomenal
transience, on the internal rhythm of painting itself, in a continuous dialogue between instinct and control. Her work does not follow a specific project, it is the result of a progression.

Roberta Mariani’s production emerges from a negotiation between
opposing forces, Mariani began her artistic journey only in 2014, producing mainly pictorial and sculptural works on paper.

In recent years she has participated and exhibited in solo and group shows in museums and institutions, among the most recent ‘La schiuma dei giorni’, solo exhibition at the Eugenia Delfini Gallery in Rome (2022),

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